Road reference number(s) near Bandar Baharu, Kedah

Hello everyone,

My name is Reed and I am mapping in Malaysia. I have found some discrepancies in the ref network. I would greatly appreciate your help in resolving what I have found. A source similar to the dataset referenced in this forum topic was found as a in the area I was editing.

The signage I have found on the E1 motorway in this Mapillary Image ( shows the destination:ref number as K9. The way ( that sign leads to currently has the ref number of 136. If 136 and K9 are both correct, it is possible we can use the tagging method of alt_ref or old_ref as appropriate.

This source ( was cited as the ref source, which is a private government source. If the source is available publicly that is great and I would like to view it. If it is not public, it should not be used as a source on OpenStreetMap.

My interpretation of the road sign is as follows: only to Parit Buntar you have to use road K9 also, for Bandar Baharu and Serdang that’s not necessary.
K9 is a small section of the road from Bandar Baharu to Parit Buntar (A9 in Perak).


I’m not sure what happened to the E1 expressway maintainer in terms of this kind of discrepancy. Closer to where I live, highway exits are showing former road reference number too (which is confusing, really).

Important to take note that hardly any Malaysian highways take up dual route reference numbers, per my experience; up north and down south, so far.

Later amendments:

From photos uploaded to Mapillary quite recently from last November (shout out to the team of four from Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia), these show those stretch of the highway with reference number 136, to the (north)west of the highway exit: Photo 1 and photo 2.

To its northeast, here are some more photos: photo 3, photo 4.

But this photo provides the striking evidence - showing a milestone - where the route reference number is indeed 136. See for yourself.

Further away, ref=136 is still obvious. So it may be impossible that there will be other reference numbers sandwiched between long-ish segments of route 136.

P.S. really would love seeing the Kaart team in Penang. However, due to personal matters, apparently, yeah, I’ve got to miss the opportunity :frowning: