road-rail bridges

So I encountered on this problem recently, how to map bridges that are shared between rail and road vehicles like in this few examples:

And wiki link

I’m no expert but I’d be tempted to have the ways for both the railway and the road share the same nodes (even if JOSM and some other tools might issue a warning). And then I’d split the ways at either end of the bridge and mark both the railway way and the road way with bridge=yes

That seems to reflect the reality on the ground. I have no idea what the various renderers will do with it though.

Why 2 ways? This case is no different from tram line in middle of street. It mapping as single way with highway=* and railway=rail tags

Thank you for your replays. Especially Izhl I think that was exactly what I was looking for, I thought I would get error warning but JOSM seems ok whit this.