Road network improvements in Belarus


Forgive me for the English post.

My name is Andrew Wiseman, I work for Apple’s Maps team. My team is interested in doing some work on the highway network in Belarus on OSM — things like adding missing roads, making sure roads connect properly, fixing incorrect alignments with GPS traces, ensuring road classifications are consistent, and other similar issues.

We’ve posted a Github page with more information here:

I wanted to see if the community had suggestions on areas that need improvement or types of problems you see frequently?

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Apple, Inc.

OSM username:

First of all read documentation on wiki concerning roads classification mapping in Belarus, road and street naming agreements and about language of tag name values in Belarus.

There are some tools for roads maping. For example tool for monitoring different roads of diffenet classes connectivity

Hello, Andrew. The road network in Belarus is pretty good for today. But not perfect yet :slight_smile:
Most of all the rural areas and small settlements are needed to improve. Cause some regions had no hi res satellite imagery for a long time. And unfortunately there is lack of mappers in our country.

I would say, the useful tags that are usually missing for roads even in regions with high resolution satellite images are SURFACE and MAX_SPEED (for the latter a safe bet might be 60 for those parts of roads that go through settlements).

Your import from OSM fixed some issues, but wasn’t perfect - some parts never got imported for some reason, others got the old version of data (fixed by another import, so not really an issue).
Since AMaps doesn’t offer TurnbyTurn in Belarus (yet?), some of the map data probably never got imported, but lanes, maxspeed and surface would all be nice to have.
Your data also suffers from the same issue as OSM - inconsistent Russian/Belarusian usage. That’s one thing that will take some time to fix


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Thanks everyone for the suggestions and feedback, it’s all very helpful, and thanks for the Telegram link too.

Wowik, I wasn’t able to get the site to load, is there another URL?

Mirror page

Hello, I noticed some inconsistent street names on OSM and was wondering if the community could help me understand. On some street names in OSM, “вуліца" is the second word and on some it’s the first word, whereas on street signs in Mapillary, “вуліца" or its abbreviation seems to always be the first word. Is there a local preference?

Here’s one example.

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Forgive the auto-translation:

Добры дзень, я заўважыў, што некаторыя непаслядоўныя назвы вуліц на OSM і было цікава, калі супольнасць магла б дапамагчы мне зразумець. На некаторых назваў вуліц у OSM, «вуліца» з’яўляецца другім словам і на кагосьці гэта першае слова, у той час як на дарожных знаках у Mapillary, «вуліца» або яго скарачэнне, здаецца, заўсёды быць першым словам. Ці ёсць мясцовыя перавагі?

Вось адзін прыклад.



Hi Andrew,

In slavic grammar order of words matters: it will be “Ленінская вуліца” (Ленінская is adjective), but “вуліца Леніна” (Ленін is noun).

There is agreement to keep them in OSM in “language natural” order.

To help your processing, have a look at Streetmangler that can help shifting parts of names and properly sorting them:

Great, thank you!