Road net on Google Earth

Hi! I’m going to travel about rural areas of Brasil and looking for map of rural roads. Comparing OSM maps and road net which appears on Google Earth when switching road tab on in the program I see that amount of marked roads on Google Earth is significantly more than one on OSM. Is there any possibility to transfer this information from Google Earth to OSM maps to have routable map on my GPS unit?

No, no, no. Do not copy from Google Maps or other commercial providers.

I’m a bit surprised by this statement. Data from 2015 suggested that OSM had around three-quarters of the Brazilian road system mapped at that time, see Judging by this site, about 50% additional roads have been added since then.

It’s an illussion or may be I need this one quarter which still not mapped( Unfortunately do not understand how to attach images.

Just put a link to the area from OSM.