road naming scheme

my proposal
name=автопат 1 (Табановце - Богородица)
name:en=Motorway 1 (Tabanovci - Bogorodica)

Trunk/Primary roads:
name=прилеп - битола Магистрален пат (its a guess, i dont know the language)
name:en=Prilep - Bitola Highway

Secondary roads:
name=Драчево - Катланово Регионален пат (its a guess, i dont know the language)
name:en=Dracevo - Katlanovo Provincial Road

local streets:
name= in cyrillic script
int_name= in latin script

Roads do not have a name.
Only one road has name:
A1 - Alexander of Macedonia

Naming as: Prilep - Bitola is wrong. What is someone wants to be Bitola - Prilep?

this is common sense : center(capital) – > periphery

Names of the roads in Macedonia are given by the Governmental Regulations and this names can be find on the traffic signs following the roads.
Giving imaginary names of the road which doesn’t follow regulations and can’t be approved by “on the ground” can lead just to confusion for everybody who is just ordinary user of some routing software.

In Macedonia following roads have names

  1. A1 motorway from Serbian to Greek border

name - Александар Македонски
int_name - Aleksandar Makedonski
name:en - Alexander of Macedonia

  1. Part of the Pan-European Corridor VIII in Macedonia ( is named by Motherterese in 2013 by the Governmental decree
    Corridor 8 in Macedonia follows Motorway A2

name - Мајка Тереза
int_name - Majka Tereza
name:en MotherTeresa
name:sq Nëna Terezë

  1. New part of the motorway from Skopje to Shtip which is currently under the construction and part of the motorway A4 is named with the same Governmental decree with name Goce Delchev

name Гоце Делчев
int_name Goce Delčev
name:en Goce Delchev

All other roads in Macedonia doesn’t have names and for like for the rest of the world they have just reference, and name is nit necessary.

Bigger problem of giving provisional name of the roads for me is deleting the current legal names of the roads.
A1 was correctly named with name Aleksandar Makedonski but obviously somebody doesn’t like the name and have delete it.

is there a law concerning these road names? i was talking about a naming scheme for all roads, so the drivers know where they are going, road signs are very confusing

but let’s be honest here, your problem is about Alexander the Great name and not road names generally, this looks political to me

Sure there are the laws nobody I didn’t invent this names.
You can go on the and find all laws in Macedonia in last 20 years.
Don’t have time for investigation, you can go and search for confirmation.
Just don’t delete something proven on the ground, I give you pictures with the examples of the traffic signs.
You told me that you drive here and obviously you have seen this signs with there names.

On the ground it is confusing, you can still find roads with all M-references, but all new roads have new naming and new references.

If I dont know language or place which i edit i can not edit. And i can not add suggestion.

In Macedonia there is just one capital. Skopje. We do not have a provinces (like our southern neighbour). So system of naming of the roads of the type (Axioupolis-Aridaias) that is used by our southern neighbour can not be used in Macedonia.

A1 is named after Alexander the Great, that is fact. Also airport of Salonica is named after Macedonia, airport in Morunec (Kavala) is named after Alexander the Great. But that is not problem for us.