Road import - CC BY 4.0 trap (waiver needed)

Sorry for English and sorry for news about obscure copyright issues disturbing mapping activity.

The mentioned import is documented at

Required waiver seems missing, making this import problematic in a copyright part.

See for details.

I am aware that it is a long term import and it started before this requirement was known to be necessary :frowning:

Hopefully it can be easily obtained, as the agency was actually interested in sharing data.

Sorry for bothering you about this, but it is better to have a clear copyright situation

Copy of

The requested permission is already linked in the import wiki.
Here it is:

See for details.

It is NOT primarily about attribution, it is primarily about DRM.

I am pretty sure that this attribution-related permission is not sufficient.

Also, from legal-talk where I asked for confirmation

There seems to be some confusion here. We are fully aware of the CC BY limitations, so what we have obtained is a complete explicit permission from Kartverket to use their open data in OSM. It is not limited to attribution - that item is specifically mentioned just to have clarity on how attribution is done by OSM.

Anyway, we now import the same road data from the NVDB system at Statens Vegvesen. We also have an explicit permission from Statens Vegvesen for the same data:

Kartverket have given explicit permission to use their data in OSM.

Kartverket require attribution when their data is used. Therefore, we asked them to confirm that it would be sufficient that they were mentioned here:

Sorry, what, how is DRM relevant?