Road following river bed

Hi folks,

I want to map a track that runs along a stream bed for a short distance. Pictures at the bottom of this page. (This is probably NOT an intermittent stream.) Track and stream share two segments/3 nodes. At the moment I have drawn the two lines on top of each other, but JOSM complains.

What is the correct way to do this?


Ignore the complaint. Not all JOSM warnings represent errors.

Thank you.

Should the 2 segments in the water be tagged as ford?


when the road cross the stream, cut road where they touch the water and set ford=yes on it. this segment.

but when the road is a long part in the stream, then they use the same way, the water and highway is both on the way tagged, and also ford=yes some places i use intermittent=yes.

I have made my own preset in JOSM to that that quicky.

on each page
you see on the right overpass, klick and search how others do that.

I changed your example

Looks good, thank you for showing me that.


Found such a strange way in Turkey:
The discussion at did not yield a final conclusion…