Road display issues when Zoom in and Zoom out

Hi there.

Please help me out to solve my issue for updating my modification and correction about some area which I live in. please have a look at below link . I have modified the road of L shape to Curve shape following satellite map. I have also confirmed the real road after visited the area. When I set 50 m for map distance rate , curve road is displayed suddenly to “L” shape. L shape road is originally set at OSM. but when I zoom in less than 50 m , or zoom out 100 m , I can see corrected curve shape road. I don’t know if I correctly modified or not. it will take time perfectly to update? or now it is on processing for update? Please let me know what happen to my area ? :wink:

And I am a beginner for OSM. if you know some site or you tube address for tutorial , Please link me. I really want to know how to do.

It takes time to update. Also browsers can cache old tiles.

different zoom levels are updated at different moments.