road disappears when zooming in!

Newbie here. This is in reference to

I added the street names to these roads; the roads themselves were already there. However, now when I zoom in on the region, the roads I modified disappear. (You may have to zoom out to see the streets that are there). What have I done wrong?

Thanks for the help!

  • Mapnik is not reredering a way / node if only an attribut is added / changed. Minimum on node has to be moved.
  • Under certain circumstances a rerendering occours automaticly, when the tile has been marked “out of date” (eg. a new object has been entered nearby).
  • Rerendering of the entire planet is done on occasion.
  • You can force Mapnik to render by adding “/dirty” to the URL of the image (eg.

btw: Referring to a specific object (node/way/relation) is easier by posting his ID or his related URL (eg