Road coordinates and road width

  1. Is there a way to get vi API all LatLng of part of a street. for example
  2. Is there a way to get the width of a street? how are streets mapped just one line of LatLng along the road
  1. In general you will only get this for part of a street;

2a) Only if someone has mapped it, and only for the part of the street to which it applies.

2b) There is a large variation in the level of detail with a street can be mapped; in particular, the sidewalks may or may not be mapped separately, however most streets, with no centre divider, are mapped as an unordered set of ways, which in turn consist of an ordered sequence of nodes. The ways have attributes, which include a highway one with one of several possible values. They can also have a width attribute, but that is optional, and relatively rarely included by mappers. A street will generally have the same name attribute on every way, and the ways will share nodes such that that there is a spanning tree that covers all the ways in the street.

Nodes always have a latitude and longitude, but may have other attributes, e.g. for pedestrian crossings.

Streets will be broken into ways wherever the attributes differ, or at a forking point (one way can got throughbut for historical reasons and because of another type of entity, which may include ways, there may be adjacent ways, with no forking, and no differences in attributes.

The most commonly used API for accessing a away will also return all the nodes that form part of that way. The standard API has no concept of a street.