Road along Israel-PA security barrier

Unlike in our home-grown OSM-based map of Israel, the security/separation barrier/fence/wall is not visible in common maps.
So, in Mapnik, cyclemap, mapquest, etc. you can mistakenly think you can drive directly though.
As far as I know, and as can be seen in AmudAnan and satellite data, there’s a security road running along the entire course of the barrier on its western side. Should I automatically create it in parallel to the barrier?
We can mark it as closed to the public, and it will serve as a reference for the barrier to people using common maps.

  1. In terms of navigation, wouldn’t it be more effective/appropriate to put a “barrier” tag on the road, at the point where it is interrupted by the fence/wall?

  2. You can create a road parallel to the fence if it exists. Better not to do this automatically, since I think there are some places where it doesn’t exist. For example in Abu Dis and possibly along road 6.

I think its a good idea of creating a border road to have a reference point. But doing it automatically is wrong. We would have to do it manually. That will take some time but you are welcome to start with it. :slight_smile:

Beside that we have a lot of issues at the borders east of israel. Alot of streets crossing borders without any reason.
I have marked those areas in osmbugs And removed the border definition from the jordan river as it fully wrong.
The river bed has changed a lot so we have mostly a new river now.

Question: where do we get the real border definition with jordan from? It should be well defined and should have no relation of the river bed. Beside that it doesnt count where the fence goes, but where the official border is. Because both countries could have a border fence on there side of the country and in the middle is nomans land.

I have started creating this new security road in OSM to show the security barrier on one hand, but also show a road that is existing on one site of the barrier.

I have no clue how name this road at the moment, so you are welcome to rename it.

In the MAPI map it’s called דרך ביטחון which translates roughly to “security road”.

FYI, I’ve contacted the owner of to see if he will be willing to contribute his detailed mapping of the separation barrier to OSM.