Road 6 name

I just noticed that our road #6 has 4 naming variants in English:
1 Israel Cross
2 Cross Israel
3 Israel Crossing
4 Trans-Israel Highway

Which one should we use?

Basically it should be named:
Yitzhak Rabin Highway.
But since this name is not familiar only the below names are valid options:
Cross Israel and Trans Israel (The other two are not in proper English).
if using this wiki:
Trans-Israel appears first :-).

The other names can be added as “name:en1”, “name:en2”, etc.

Wow, wikipedia has even this! :slight_smile:

going to update:
name and name:he to כביש חוצה ישראל
name:en - Trans-Israel Highway
official_name and official_name:he - דרך יצחק רבין
official_name:en - Yitzhak Rabin Highway

don’t remember if I should omit word “highway” in both English and Hebrew?