River modernization in Ukraine / Модернізація річок в Україні

I’m working on a project that aims at improving the river data in OSM. The main aim of the project is fixing various issues like duplicated nodes, overlapping water areas, crossing ways and using the newer natural=water + water=river scheme instead of the older waterway=riverbank. Would you support such a project in order to fix geometry errors and update tagging on Ukraine’s rivers? You can learn more about this project and what exactly is being done here. Let me know if you have any questions.

Автоматичний переклад:

Я працюю над проектом, який спрямований на покращення даних про річки в OSM. Основною метою проекту є виправлення різних проблем, таких як дубльовані вузли, перекриття акваторій, перетинання шляхів та використання нової схеми natural=water + water=river замість старої водної waterway=riverbank. Чи підтримали б ви такий проект з метою виправлення помилок геометрії та оновлення міток на річках України? Ви можете дізнатись більше про цей проект та про те, що саме робиться тут. Повідомте мене, якщо у вас виникнуть запитання.

You intention to use unified schema is great and I personally like it. But there are some controversies in the wiki on the pages Water and waterway=riverbank which have to be resolved. These articles mentioned that natural=water + water=* tagging is less popular than waterway=riverbank that is confusing to me and to others and contradicts to your statements. Could you review and address these issues in the wiki?

Thanks for the response. According to the proposal (link) that introduces water=river among other tags, waterway=river is to be replaced by natural=water and water=river. The same process has already happened to landuse=pond and is happening to landuse=reservoir. They are slowly being replaced by the new tags. About the popularity concern, I don’t think that it is a problem. All major renderers support both schemas. Also the usage of waterway=riverbank is declining since 2019 which can be seen here. I’m not sure about which concerns in the wiki you are talking about. Can you give the links towards the these wiki pages? If you are not sure about what changes I will make, I can edit a test area so that the local community can make quality assurance.