River Data United States

Hey guys,

Here is some great data for the river systems in the United States.

It is through the IENC and is completely free and available to the public. It is also regularly updated.

Here is a dam shapefile that I overlaid on OSM in comparison

What is the process to add these shapefiles in?

Thought it would be interesting to you guys.


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Hi, thanks for pointing out this resource. OSM’s process for ingesting external datasets is documented in the import guidelines. The process may look daunting, but you can swing by OSMUS Slack or the talk-us mailing list to get help from the U.S. community.

Fortunately, these shapefiles appear to be maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, which would mean they’re in the public domain, taking away the first hurdle. But be prepared for a potentially manual conflation process, because quite a few locks have already been mapped in OSM, just not to the same precision as this shapefile.

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