River crossing over trunk of a fallen tree

What do you suggest to use for tagging river / ditch / drain crossings that run over the trunk of a fallen tree? I just came across two such places, one was tagged as a ford, the other one as a bridge. Intriguingly, a marked tourist trail is mapped to use the former. How to indicate this isn’t a crossing suitable for an average pedestrian?


Ford allows for the option of ford=stepping_stones, so ford=log / tree_trunk may work?


Well yeah, I considered ford=log, it has a few uses recorded in TagInfo. But is it really a ford when there isn’t really a chance of getting wet unless you fall of completely? With that regard it’s closer to a bridge=boardwalk than a ford in the general sense. With stepping stones the crossing is at least not continuous, water flows through it, not underneath.

Bit late to the party but Wikipedia calls this a log bridge. There is some usage of this value in OSM.

Originally I thought perhaps it should only apply to log purposefully placed as a bridge but Wikipedia disagrees. I suppose not all bridges are man made!

I suppose this would be for the router to figure out. But you could look at adding other tags, maybe hazard=* (hazard=slippery perhaps?).


New page created in the Wiki to document: Tag:bridge=log_bridge - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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That’s what I actually ended up using, except that I chose bridge=log instead of log_bridge. Also added hazard=falling.