Right way to tag bollards used in crossroads to prevent rat running?


I’m having doubts about how to tag bollards that were added at a crossroad to prevent rat running:

Is this the right way? Won’t it prevent cars from turning?

Thank you.


Either it’s the right way, or we both made the same mistake :wink:


That isn’t the way I would map it. It gives a false impression that the roads connect, when they actually don’t. Also, like you suspected, the barrier on the intersection node would block vehicle routing through that intersection from any direction.

I would map it as two separate roads, with a short footway/cycleway/path connecting the bends of the two roads. Here’s a similar situation in my area that shows this:


But I say the connecting way is an highway=service, maybe even an hw=residential. The bollard as to be mapped as a point and blocks all routing. As the bollard can be lowered into the ground (bollard=rising) some vehicles may pass (emergency, city service, bus, … ?). So it is no specific way for pedestrains/cyclists.

Thanks much for the tips.


It might be easier and faster with JOSM than by using Id, but it can be done: