Right approach to fix OSRM Routing Errors


I have installed an own instance of OSRM (latest version 5.18.0). I used latest osm data (bremen.osm.pbf) with the original car.lua script.
When testing, there is a routing error. You can see the same error in the demo map of OSRM:


It shoudnt route via this way (“Johanne-Kippenberg-Weg”) because it is for pedestrians / bicycles only. In osm it is defined as “highway=path”, you can see it here:


I am struggling a lot to understand all those attributes in osm-data, (and tags / black/-whitelists in the lua script).

My question in this case is

1.) Why is it routing via “Johanne-Kippenberg-Weg” although it is not defined as a motorway?
2.) What is the right approach to fix this error in my application. Edit the car.lua (if so, in which way?) or edit “Johanne-Kippenberg-Weg” in OSM-data (if so, in which way?)?

Thank you for your time!

That way has been tagged “access=yes”, which allows any mode of transportation. If the path is only legally defined as being for foot and bicycle traffic, then the “access=yes” tag needs to be removed.

Ok thank you, that explains it all.