RfC Loungers in public space

There is amenity=lounger tag. I do not think, the text/picture there does a good service on the thing. Is this really used to map loungers around a hotel pool? I used the tag a few times, perhaps not here, but on permanent public installations in parks, on the side or walks in the woods. Sample picture in a park, a kind of furniture:

Please tell, how the tag is used in the area of your local knowledge. Perhaps this could help make them noteworthy of rendering in OSM Carto, like benches e.g. Recently some such was retagged bench, perhaps in an effort to achieve just that. But it is not the same.

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Especially, I’d like to replace the image there with this one File:Lounger.jpg - Wikimedia Commons that clearly shows, it is not about moveable stuff. But this requires a bit of tag-usage-analysis upfront. You are welcome to join this effort :slight_smile:

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Up until now I only ever added loungers akin to the ones in your image to the database.
I don’t mind the definition in the wiki where the movable loungers around pools are also mentioned and I agree that they should not be retagged as benches just to achieve rendering in some map™. I’d contact anyone who does so.
(you know how to contact the carto devs about rendering objects?)

Support for the picture seems to be there. I only learned now, that this is actually “approved”. This is quite sad, as the feature as “approved” will never ever get rendered - Please render amenity=lounger · Issue #4469 · gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto · GitHub - because it violates ground principles of openstreetmap, not just Carto, but the whole of it.

I browsed a bit with overpass. The tag in Europe is used thousands of times for permanent fixtures in public recreational spaces. In the Americas I found e.g. in all of the bay area it is used 7 times, for 7 private loungers beside a hotel pool.

It would be sad to learn, that a very minor use of a tag prevented that it would become a sibling of benches and picnic tables.

PS: For me those are furniture - Let me explain: In my eyes, all those “buildings” to map public transport shelters are furniture too - That is what they are called by the people trading them.

Here, “approved” only means that 11 wiki readers thought that that it was a good idea 3 years ago. We shouldn’t let the views of those 11 people overwhelmingly influence how to do things in OSM.

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