RFC Blue Ribon Features

Hey everyone… I am proposing a new idea to mark features that have been
discussed, agreed, and are in standard practice of marking the OSM map.


Here is the definition:
Blue Ribbon Features Are map features that have gone though the proposal
process. They have been discussed and found by the OSM community to be a
standard way to mark a map feature.

The Blue ribbon is a way to certify a tag/key/relation is being used in standard
practice of marking the OSM map, and has taken proper steps to be discussed and
agreed upon by the OSM community.

The reason for this proposal comes from the ongoing debate of the proposal
process. Even though it is acceptable to document every tag used on OSM, I think
this would be a positive way to show that a feature has gone thought the proposal
process and that it is considered safe to use to mark the map by the OSM

Please take time to consider the positives of this proposed label

  • Promotes the use of Proposed features for better definitions and
  • Gives users assurance that a tag is widely used.
  • Will define better that the proposal process is not mandatory, but helpfull
    in getting community support.

Thanks, Nickvet419

Since when does the current proposal system automatically generate better definitions and documentation?

The whole reason so many people don’t like the proposal system is that it never did that.

Have to disagree there… What I’ve heard over and over is people don’t like the “Voting” process. The proposal process itself is very helpful for people to collaborate together and create great documentation of a feature/tag among other things.

Well IMHO the discussion about a draft leads to a better design (I don’t say that this one is a perfect one, but better). But let’s pause the talk about the proposal process cause there is so much irritation and sticked positions.

I see this as a chance to help newbies to see if a feature runs trough a discussion or if not if it is at least widely used and indirect accepted by the community. This might be a first step to get a better ordering on all the tags, proposals,…