Reviewing Linting issues in Canada by Mapbox

Hello from the Mapbox Team!

As part of on-going work to improve the quality of OpenStreetMap data, we recently used osmlint-osmium ( and osmlint ( for detecting issues related to road network data in Canada. In total, there were 4305 issues detected across 9 types of linters.

As a next step, our team is planning to review a subset of the detections to better understand the type of issues, and also fix any valid data issues directly in the OSM. You can read more about our plan in OSM Wiki here ( and Github ticket (

Our aim is to start reviewing before the end of the week. We would really appreciate your feedback, any questions you have about this project, as well as local insights that you think will help us better understand the data.


Member of Mapbox team, Vlada

I looked it over. This sounds great to me! :sunglasses:

Glad to see you’re making improvements directly in the main database, and keeping us informed.

If you notice any “repeat linters”, I trust you’ll mention something in the changeset comments to set them straight. Cheers.

Thanks for your comment and support!