Revert my changeset please

Hi guys,
It seems my changeset Changeset: 141563261 | OpenStreetMap has inadvertently removed a large grassland area with complex boundary.
Could someone more experienced please rollback this changeset?


Tried but get 15 conflict warning in JOSM and when investigating see you continued mapping in the area. That makes it hard. There’s other revert tools so maybe someone els can have a go with those.

BTW Yes, can see the grassland is broken, it stopped proper rendering.

Thank you for reaching out for help instead of just ignoring the problem.

I am not sure wich object you mean. Do you know the exact id of the damaged/deleted object?

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@os-emmer , it seems that this big grassland is not rendered properly any more Relation: 11583305 | OpenStreetMap

Loaded the subject relation into JOSM, moved a node to get the validator to activate but nothing is wrong was signaled until I tried adding a wood patch at which point self intersections, unclosed grassland relation and area overlaps were signaled so fixed that. (The Malek OSM-revert action did not resolve the issue as there were post break edits).

If you ever get into this situation again, avoid doing more edits that touches on the problem object. That makes repairing easier.


PS The 2KM zoom will update Friday tonight about 10:30 UTC. If the grassland stays green after a forced cache refresh (Ctrl+F5) things should be good. FTM vrs zooms above 1KM show the grassland stays on the map.

Errata: Would recommend to break up the grassland relation. It makes maintaining and fixing a lot easier. E.g. this screenshot where the red mark is top right. The narrow river area connection is the only joining point for the purple highlighted grassland

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