Returning to Thailand as a Tourist

True, this is NOT a travel forum. On the other hand, there is quite a large group of Farangs mapping in Thailand, and not all of us have long-term visa – just like to enjoy holidays there.
I know the basic rules, they are outlined at .
But then, how does the situation look like in the country?
I use to travel on bicycle, starting in the morning, travelling thru the country not yet knowing where I will arrive in the evening. Are “resorts” still open – and is it still possible to arrive there and get a room without reservation? And how about food stalls / restaurants? Are they still open for dine-in? What about mask wearing – where is it compulsory?

speaking with moderator hat on: I will tolerate this for now, even quite off-topic. But I am aware that many of the regular mappers are not native citizen and have no residence permit. So some details are relevant to plan coming back to Thailand for mapping and meeting other mappers. Please do not drift into a corona discussion, otherwise I will lock this thread.

I returned to Thailand last month after a 6-month absence. Many smaller businesses have closed permanently due to the pandemic but many are doing fine. We recently made a bird photography trip to Khao Yai and Nam Nao National Parks staying in the Khao Yai area two nights, then one day in Phethcabun and one in Phitsanulok. Hotels are open as are restaurants for sit-down dining, beer and alcohol are being sold everywhere. I made hotel reservations in advance but I don’t think it’s required to do that. Khao Yai NP was full of Bangkok tourists during the King #9 birthday 3-day weekend.

Masks are compulsory and are being worn everywhere but once seated at a restaurant or coffee shop, can be taken off. It feels as though things have returned to normal.

It’s great to be back.

Good luck and Happy mapping

Thanks Dave, that’s good information.
So perhaps I’ll return next February. Hope things will be even better then.