Retrieving list of bus stops on a bus route

Hi. I’m a new user. I’m trying to retrieve all the bus stops on a bus route using SPARQL. I’m getting 8 results, but the map page shows there should be 26-29 stops.

select ?m ?name ?nsrid ?loc
where {
osmrel:9965416 osmm:has ?m.
?m osmm:type ‘n’.
OPTIONAL { ?m osmm:loc ?loc . }
OPTIONAL { ?m osmt:name ?name . }
OPTIONAL { ?m osmt:ref:nsrq ?nsrid . }

How can I retrieve this list using SPARQL? Or if there is something wrong with the data ( how do I fix it?

Edit: A user on Wikidata informed me that the data available in the triplestore is a lot older than the current data. Where can I read more about this, and what is the plan for the SPARQL service going forward?