Retrieve a map of specific dimensions.

Hello everyone.

I am trying to develop a mapping software on a mobile device that has a resolution of 320x186 and want to get bounding box maps with a certain latitude longitude center point.

Is there a way to export pre-rendered tiles with these dimensions? I see that on the export tab from the main map site you can set the coordinates for the box and the scale, but not the image size.

Is there a constant ratio of latitude/longitude per pixel that I can use for a certain scale value so that I can set the bounding box correctly to get the correct image size?

Thanks in advance.


I found this linke for t@h:

I would like something like this, but what is the URL so that my application can do a GET request for the actual image?

The export tab is only made for doing exports now and then, it’s nothing you do a mass export from.

To do this I would download tiles from the slippy map, and combine and split them into the size you want.