Restaurant Online Ordering Tag

Hi. Is there a tag to denote that a restaurant allows online ordering? I did a search for such a tag in a few places and came up with nothing. If there is no tag, how would I go through the process of requesting one?

Thank you

I would say it was slightly questionable as whether such a tag was appropriate for a map which is based on what is on the ground. It smacks of a service area business, and, although not so formalised, OSM takes a similar position to Google, in that it only wants to map businesses for which the general public normally make visits in person. OSM is a map, not a business directory.

Also, I imagine that almost any restaurant that does takeaways will soon sign up with one of the online portals, unless they hit a bubble.

However, the way you introduced a tag is to start to use it, after first researching to ensure that there is not some other appropriate tag. You also create a wiki entry for the tag and update other related wiki entries. There is no central clearing house for requesting new tags. They will get supported by renderers when they are commonly used and fall within the remit of the renderer.

Thanks for the answer. You have a good point. I was originally thinking about a tag for online ordering where the person picks up the order or the place makes it ahead for them to eat there. I should have been clearer in my post. I agree though that in cases where the person does not visit the actual place it is pointless to have it tagged. Although I know OSM is not a business map per say, it is still used as a back end by mapping software that supports sorting points by business type. It also has tags for the type of cuisine a place serves, store hours, phone number etc etc. So it seems kind of arbitrary or wrong to say its just a map of geographical features. Its clear people use OSM for many other things, like looking up business information, even if that was not its original intended purpose.

Thanks for the information about how to create a tag. I will have to give it a try at some point.