request for (sub)forum, adressed to the OSM/JOSM developers ?

Some people ‘cannot find the way’, or are ‘uncomfortable’ to search/lookfor/use the mailing-list/separate-forum(s) from the developers of OSM/JOSM.
Therefore i suggest to make here such a (sub)forum, so that ‘common’ people(like me :stuck_out_tongue: ) can suggest/ask/request something to the developers ?
For example ;
there is (now) the possibility to ‘attach’ only 1 website to a adres-node, but sometimes there is ‘need’ on more than 1 website on 1 ‘adres-node’ , see here :
1 building with number 24, and 14 offices (with each office, a ‘separate’ website) in that building.

That only makes sense if the developers want to have another medium they have to follow for bug reports. Normally, such things should go to the bug trackers.

As for your problem, the websites should not go to the address node but to the nodes for each amenity/office inside the building.