Request for advice, Butlins Minehead

Hi - I’ve done some bits of manual editing in OSM, but still pretty new to it. I have been adding some details of a place I went recently - Butlins Minehead :slight_smile:

I’ve got some questions, and in general I’d like some feedback - have I added things correctly? Should I be doing something different/extra? But here are my specific issues re the Butlins:

  • I’ve added two car parks as areas and they seem to have worked, but don’t show up visually in view mode (only the names show, not the area outlines).
  • Some of the buildings I added show up visually as buildings (i.e. coloured blocks) but some don’t show up, all I see is the name wrapped around the outline as if they are roads.
  • Some of the roads go along the edge of the car parks (or other areas). Should I just draw them in separately, or should they be the same line as the edge of the area, or should they be “parallel” things (by pressing P)? If the latter, does this work if the roads follow the edge for a bit and then diverge?
  • Should I mark the car parks as areas (as I have done), or should I put single [P] points on (as someone seems to have done with the public car parking nearby)
  • What road type should I use for the roads within the complex? They could be considered either as footpath or road (mostly used on foot I suppose, but with service vehicles too - and they have roundabouts…).

Thanks for advice…

Its all looking pretty good.
I think your first two problems are because the car park and buildings were not correctly tagged at first, but you then corrected them. And the map had not rerendered after your correction. But it has now, and looks fine.

For roads next to car parks: I think its best to draw it as a way, separate from the area. If it parallel, then you can use the shortcut P to create them. You can create parallel ways, then drag the individual nodes around to the correct place if you want.

Its best to map car parks (and buildings, amenities etc) as areas instead of nodes (points) where possible. Though obviously this is more work in surveying it, or requires good background maps / aerial photos to trace from. And just mapping it as a node is better than nothing (and maybe someone will come along later and map it as an area).

Roads in the complex: if they are primarily for pedestrians, then I’d say tag it as highway=footway. Or if they are often used by vehicles, they could be highway=service? Or maybe highway=living_street, if vehicles are allowed, but a low speed limit with priority for pedestrians?

OK, thanks for the tips. I’ve filled in some of those details now and it looks pretty respectable.