Request for a new users community (users: Sri Lanka)

Dear Administrator,

We have a group of OSM enthusiast from Sri Lanka who would like to contribute to OSM and make use of OSM in various application. Appreciate if you could create a users community (users: Sri Lanka) so that we can discuss any Sri Lanka specific topics under that section. Really appreciate your kind support.

Thank you.


This is much needed. Appreciated a Sri Lanka Community forum be created.

A timely need for Sri Lanka!

Forum created. Have fun!

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    Appreciated a Sri Lanka Community forum be created.

This is really needed since number of groups are working on OSM for digitizing streets, buildings in different areas in Sri Lanka and they have information that they can share among others who are doing same. So that this is a timely need.


+1 Thanks for creating the forum. This could be the place we could get all groups/members working in the same domain :slight_smile:

Thanks ICTA colleagues for the initiation. I hope we can discuss and develop the future program. Immediate event would be OSM activity at Negambo hosted by Bandula in September. And then we have QGIS Training on October which will be open for forum members. Mean time I am suggesting to go and map some area in county in the form of “Mapping Party”. Suranga/WB indicated with green light for funding for transport and accommodation. Go by bus / training stay 2 day mapping party with host organization or school??? :slight_smile:

Yes Good Strat, We are almost late but still have a time to survive if we can work together :sunglasses:

Dear All,
Please use link to go to the “Sri Lanka User Community”.

Thanks for creating the forum.