Request a feature to be rendered: sluice gate

Hi all

I’m wondering if I can request a feature to be rendered. I know this is possible, but it may be that the feature is too niche.

We have waterway=weir represented as a dotted grey line across the water. See here.

Almost always, a weir also has a sluice gate, but if you map this, it doesn’t appear on the map - the physical barrier across the river appears to have a break in it. I think it would be good if it rendered like the weir, or perhaps very slightly different.

Taken together, as far as I can see there are ~500 instances of

waterway=sluice_gate OR
waterway=flow_control + flow_control=sluice_gate.

Is this likely to be actionable? Thanks.

It’s certainly possible to render these ( already does).

I don’t see an existing OSM Carto issue or pull request for sluice gates: . I suspect that the quickest way to make a change to the map style is to make the changes yourself and submit that as a pull request.

Thank you - it’s that github link that I’d forgotten and was looking for.

I’ve no idea if I have the technical smarts to change the map style - is there a relatively easy ‘how-to’ guide somewhere?

There’s a “contributing” file in the root directory of the project that explains a few things. A while ago I wrote; I suspect that most fo that still applies. A response to a different “how do I contribute” question is - some of those links are probably the best place to start.

Great - tyvm :slight_smile: