Repository with updated version of josm-tested and josm-latest

Hi all, I write from Italy.
I am a mapper of Apulia openstreepmap’s community.
I opened this thread to inform everyone that manages a repository that contains the updated version of josm-latest and josm-tested
JOSM-latest is updated continuously and update from the package manager is boring.
So I wrote a script that will search for updates and ask if you want to install the latest version.
However JOSM-tested will be updated by the package manager.
To add the repository from ubuntu 9.10 (from terminal):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pasquale-ambrosini/josm && sudo apt-get update

and you can install josm-tested and josm-latest.
SCREENSHOT OF Josm-latest Downloader/Installer:
FluxBB bbcode test
Let me know what you think, stay tuned! :slight_smile: