Reporting Wrong Value - Parks appearing as Water

Hi - I’m a user, not an editor, and wanted to report an error I found. Is this easy for someone to fix?

In Houston, TX, the areas of George Bush Park (a city park) and Bear Creek Park are coded incorrectly. They’re colored like water, but should be parks.

I hope this helps!


I checked this area. I found a comment from “Clorox”:

DO NOT TAG THINGS FOR THE RENDERER! It’s a drainage basin and should be tagged as such. I know, it looks ugly. But that’s Mapnik’s fault, not ours.


Thanks for the reply. The park has grown and overtaken much of the reserviour, per their Wiki page and a conversation I had with the parks department. Both Bing and Mapquest show the representative boundaries.

Who can give the green light to make these sort of changes?

-Much Thanks!