Reporting specific spam post / user?

What and who is affected by this issue/request?

All users getting spammed, and wanting to do something about it.

Where on the platform does it happen?

When reading posts.

How do we replicate the issue?

For example this specific spam Is it a drinking fountain or not? - #19 by Kale_Hoffman by this specific spammer OpenStreetMap Community

Expected behavior (i.e. solution)

I wanted to report the spammy post and/or spammer, so it can be taken care of and other users not being shown it. However, there seems to only be Flag / It's spam for entire conversation/thread. I was looking for the option to report as spam only that one problematic post (the rest of the conversation is useful!).
There is an option to add an negatively-charged emoticon (like “angry”) to the post, but I guess that does not report the post as a spam?

Other Comments

Also it would be nice that users that have just created an account wouldn’t be able to post links for some time or until approved. Otherwise, it seems to practically invite spammers if they can link-spam immediately after creating the account.

Sorry, are you sure? I reported that comment first. It is only the one hidden. I can see that working when not login, at least now.
To be clear, the button is inside the menu. I’m not certain this needs to be docked/pinned / always visible.

Ah, you seem to be correct @Kovoschiz. Flagging specific post seems to be hidden behind ... (show more) button on the post so is missable (Looked several times and didn’t find it by myself - might be related by paragraph below)

Also ... (show more) (as well as related flag) button disappears from the post once it has been grayed-out (but still shown in index and available to be seen via View ignored content. link) – I’d expect that multiple-confirmed spams are eventually fully removed from conversation index, instead of just being grayed-out by default as it seems to be currently the case (but maybe that is because this specific example is still a relatively new spam?)

Yes, you can flag individual messages. This message was reported as spam and auto-hidden and now reviewed as spam by a moderator.


Someone also flagged and hidden post that started thread (entire thread), presumably in attempt to report this spam message.

and now reviewed as spam by a moderator.

I still see it, with description “is temporarily hidden”.

My understanding is that after a flag is approved, the system should purge the message after sometime.

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I also still see it, maybe the fact that this is a subtopic started from that post has something to do with it?

It is still not deleted. How we can get this spam deleted?

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I’ve manually deleted, not sure why the message was not auto-purged.

/cc @Firefishy