Reporting section of road (Shepherds Hill Road)

Shepherds Hill Road

I would like to point out that this section of road seems out of place, I would like to propose the changeset which it was edited in be reverted as it is a huge down grade of what it used to be. Currently it not only looks terrible but routing has been broken. I unfortunately can not provide a screenshot of what it used to look like however you can see the changeset in osmcha OSMCha and the changeset was unnecessary to begin with as it did not improve the map at all.

You dont need to ask permission. Feel free to edit the intersection if you think there are routing issues. Maybe also add a comment to the changeset to alert the previous editor that there was a problem and spell out what it was.

Thats how you do it… If you know of other errors please point them out in the changeset comments


slice0, I understand that you found damage caused in changeset #141202636 by slice0 (see Way History: ‪Shepherds Hill Road‬ (‪1088961622‬) | OpenStreetMap )

After widespread damage slice0 was instructed in slice0 blocked by SomeoneElse | OpenStreetMap

After it has expired I can only suggest that if you see someone has changed a tag from X to Y (and you think it should be X) that you don’t feel tempted to change back to X. Just leave it. Go and map something else instead.

in slice0 blocked by SomeoneElse | OpenStreetMap

Anthony / slice0: Please do not start changing road classes again, unless there is a clear consensus among other mappers that a particular road class is wrong. You may believe that some edits made by other mappers while this block was in place were “wrong” - you must not change these. If you do, another block will be imposed.

There was nothing there about creating discussion threads. But creating separate thread for every single cause of bad highway value left by activity of slice0 is likely not a good idea. Please, consider mapping something else as was suggested. Or maybe use Notes - OpenStreetMap Wiki

And please cease spamming DWG and other OSMF mailing accounts by announcements that you created a thread. Main effect will be that people will stop reading your emails at all.

You were already asked to cease it in private communication.

admittedly “if you see someone has changed a tag from X to Y” and “unless there is a clear consensus among other mappers that a particular road class is wrong” maybe may be interpreted that reverting own edits, where there is obvious discontinuity in road classes (single trunk way among secondary) is fine but I hesitate to encourage editing in this area…

disclaimer: this is not an official statement from any organisation, I am not from DWG

EDIT: incorrect highway=trunk was added in changeset #141202636 as seen on Way History: ‪Shepherds Hill Road‬ (‪1088961622‬) | OpenStreetMap

Yes, during removal of incorrect highway=trunk this specific section was missed, but initial bad value was added by slice0. This thread is asking to finish reverting this.

BTW, the same applies to your earlier thread at Reporting this section of road - in such case mess was caused by the same mapper and missed in the cleanup.

EDIT2: Using official sources, while license permits, is fine.

You were blocked for using solely official sources for changing highway= values. This is not OK - official sources can be sometimes useful here but are not sole thing to take into account.

You were also blocked for other reasons, as stated in your block messages.

And for small gaps of misclassified roads which are results of your not-yet-reverted edits: create Notes - OpenStreetMap Wiki

You had few threads, each was complaining about minor damage you caused yourself.

I made another report but worded it differently Reporting section of road (churchill road) , what I am trying to say is that there is no sources or evidence to suggest that the section is anything other than trunk. I personally would classifiy it as based based on official sources but the dwg dont like official sources so ill leave it up to anyone to randomly guess what it is.