Report vandalism or concerns about edits here

I will do the reverts

@marczoutendijk Vandal came back again. This guy cant understand that i am watching. :rofl:
User: a1230570st3 | OpenStreetMap
example of imaginary road: Way: ‪Καρπενήσι – Αγία Τριάδα‬ (‪1144414075‬) | OpenStreetMap

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When will the changesets be reverted as well? It doesn’t look like the “proposed” roads are real at all.

I think you should just revert on sight without further notice, if it happens again.

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changesets reverted

It turns out a Maproulette challenge has exposed a bad changeset: see Connect Isolated Highways (Greece) - #2 by ika-chan.


More “crystal ball” roads:

I can’t fix the vandalism myself: I cannot handle these edit conflicts, when I am suffering from severe depression and suicidal thoughts for reasons outside of OpenStreetMap.

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One major issue is still unaddressed: the user is still attacking Komotini: e.g. Changeset: 133859508 | OpenStreetMap

Someone has been mass-deleting ways they thought did not exist, even though the imagery says it does: Changeset: 127317680 | OpenStreetMap

It appears that the changeset history of Geminiani S may be unreasonable censorship of places that exist, such as military bases. Sorry for the rushed edit, but I think someone needs to go through the history.


Also, what are the sources for those proposed roads in Changeset: 133677782 | OpenStreetMap?

@osmf-data-wg - there is a backlog of two complaints regarding edits in the Arta and Komotini area.

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When you emailed the you will have been given a ticket number. What was that? A search for “Komotini” in our ticket queue finds nothing.

For the avoidance of doubt, any issues raised here do NOT get the attention of the DWG. If you email a ticket will get created and someone will deal with it.

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Thanks for answering.
What you said is totally correct, that’s the official way.
BUT don’t you think that is better if you get a ping from our community instead of a single mail from a single person?
Besides that, here in this community thread you can read everything about the ongoing situation.

PS. Greece map is kind of under attack the last few months (for some unexplained reason).
Thank you.

it’s up to you of course, but in each case I’d suggest to comment on the changeset, explaining why it is wrong. If you don’t get a reply and whoever it is doesn’t reply, we can send them a message that they have to read before continuing. If that doesn’t work, we can take further action.

What we’re not going to do is complain about a changeset because “someone on a forum says there is a problem with it”, if the people at the forum haven’t actually commented on the changeset to say what is wrong.

As to why we don’t “just follow this forum”, the problem is that there are lots of other problems too. Greece is around 0.14% of the people on the planet (if my down the pub maths is correct), and other communities have problems too. Having an email address as an out-of-community escalation point allows us to triage all of these issues as they come in.


Nope, these are not just some regular bad edits.
There is no way to comprehend whats happening here just from some comments in some users changesets that they try to circumvent previous blocks.

marczoutendijk knows whats happening here. You can ask him.
And i never asked to “follow this forum”, i just asked to “listen” to pings (mentions) that ask for help.
Anyway, thanks a lot for answering.
Have a nice day.

That’s not going to work, for a couple of reasons:

  • Not every DWG person is a member of the group that you “@ed” here.
  • Not everyone in that subset who is in that group here will get those notifications - some may have them turned off (because of the documented ways to contact the DWG, this isn’t one) and some (including me) are in email mode so I literally won’t see anything until I connect to the site and notice a funny icon I don’t recognise.
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Okay, I have emailed the DWG with regards to Geminiani S. I think the malicious character of the mass deletions should already be obvious.


All changesets (34) of user Geminiani S, regarding mass deletions, have been reverted for vandalism.


For the record, user Γιάννης 10 is adding fictional roads and junctions, such as this and this. This user has already been reported, and hopefully moderator action will be taken. While Sentinel Playground is not used for mapping, we use them to verify the legitimacy of edits.

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See achavi - Augmented OSM Change Viewer  [attic]

Red, what was
Green what’s something changed to
Yellow what’s new

Seemed to have deleted - red - then drew new ways in same place - yellow - in sections as well where a retag from secondary to primary would have sufficed.

Certainly the ways are showing now don’t match any of the imagery I have access to in ID and JOSM including Bing which is referred to as the source in the CS.


Is this maybe under construction or proposed routing? If so the tagging and mapping is wrong as than both old and future has to be mapped and tagged appropriately.


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Pinging DWG too, in hope someone to address this issue with him.