Replacing `amenity=toilet` with `amenity=toilets`

I was reading the wiki page for amenity=toilets today and found that there’s a small area in Zambia (~4km^2) with some features tagged amenity=toilet – see the Overpass results.

According to the “Possible tagging mistakes” section of the wiki page, I believe most (if not all) of these should be amenity=toilets instead.

I’m opening this thread to bring this tiny issue up, requesting feedback from the local community, to know if the community would be OK if I went ahead and editted this around, or otherwise if the community would itself prefer to handle things.


For start, thanks for asking!

Looking at data it does not look like public toilets at all.

Looking at tags it seems confirmed:

    amenity = toilet
    operator:type = private
    toilet:num_chambers = 1
    toilets:disposal = pitlatrine
    toilets:position = outside

This rather should be deleted as privacy-violating and out of scope for OSM. OSM is not for mapping detailed interior of private residences.

I opened Note: 3405444 | OpenStreetMap

Likely also over 8000 already “fixed” should be deleted as out of scope. See Changeset: 78972785 | OpenStreetMap

Disclaimer: I am not local community at all. Maybe this are actually public toilets but it would be quite surprising to me.

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Judging by the hashtags (#hotosm-project-2360 #OSMZambi) on some of the original changesets this was added as part of a task on Tasking Manager. I don’t know if any evidence of the details behind this activity are documented anywhere. It may be worth trying to contact some of the original mappers to ascertain the project goals.

I have seen well-meaning mapping of private toilet facilities elsewhere in the world: usually as part of efforts to collect statistics related to socioeconomic status in poor urban areas. Whilst the collection and use of such statistics can be important for a whole range of interventions, it is not clear to me that information which can be directly related to individuals should be entered in OSM.

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Limitations on mapping private information - OpenStreetMap Wiki is an attempt to document consensus among OSM mappers.

Thanks for the replies. Looks like the situation is already in hands better than mine :slight_smile: