Replace site logo with an SVG

Could we please replace the site logo in the upper left with an SVG? The current picture is blurry.

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Hi @lectrician1 and thanks for reporting.

Can you post a screenshot of the issue? Which browser, device and screen size are you experiencing this issue with?


replacing the OpenStreetMap logo in SVG format is not advisable because of the complexity and compositing, which would likely cause more issues on different platforms

Not sure if you’ve noticed it before. also uses an svg osm logo:

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The antialiasing for the font is clearly visible on my screen and the logo is not as clear as it could be.

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It looks better in Firefox; Chrome isn’t very good at downsampling this kind of image.

Adding the nonstandard image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-contrast helps it a bit.

It could be a good tradeoff to use an SVG just for the text portion of the site logo.

thank you for linking to it, as you can see it proves my point, looks different on different devices, e.g. on the iphone the text is missing

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The text isn’t part of the svg on, and site layout for mobile devices is different due to the limited space available.

the text inside the magnifier, 10011100

If I open the svg link above on my iPhone those numbers are all visible.

I agree, somehow they don’t show up on, but that’s another topic, really (it doesn’t say much how rendering on this site will look like).

Let’s give it a try, if it doesn’t work out we’ll revert to the current one.

yes, the numbers of the svg version in the above link show on my phone as well, but they look completely different than they do on the freebsd laptop I am sitting in front. For better compatibility and consistency all text should be converted to vectors.
I would try a version of the current rasters scaled to around 25% (120px) of the current height (512px) and 50% for the text version.
There are (at least) 2 versions of the logo currently:
h=256px, with text:
the community logo could maybe be replaced with the other one?

We need to check because I suspect Discourse only accepts png or automatically transform it to a png.

The Meta Discourse site uses an svg: