Rendering Turkey

Hi all,

I have been riding my motorcycle through Europe for the past year using my Garmin and OpenStreetMap as my guide. I will now be heading towards Turkey from Germany. I have noticed that when using OSM Combiner to combine the necessary countries, that tiles are missing from the Turkey rendering. Mainly the western half of Turkey, from Istanbul to Ankara. I have tried downloading Turkey from the drop down list, then manually selecting the necessary Turkey tiles and finally combining Turkey with Greece. In all cases, after I use OSM Combiner, the tiles in the western part of Turkey are missing. When I combined Greece and Turkey, the tiles in the southern half of Greece are missing as well.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I don’t know what went wrong. I have tested it by downloading the two zip files. For OSM_Combiner, best to choose
You need to rename one because they are both named Drop both files on the osm combiner window and execute the programm. No tiles are missing. I dont understand what you mean by “manually selecting the necessary Turkey tiles”, osm combiner will automatically skip double tiles, you don’t have to do anything manually, just download Turkey from the Asia section and Greece from the Europe section.

Do “Greece” and “Turkey” look complete on their own?

If not, bear in mind that the site that you are trying to use is run by someone in the Dutch community who has not been contactable for some time. I’d suggest that you obtain OSM-based Garmin maps from somewhere else (there are lots of options). See for more information.

@SomeoneElse yes at the moment downloads are working and Greece and Turkey seem ok.