Rendering Sea over the top of Bridges (Solved)

I seem to have a problem that the sea is rendering over the top of major bridges and routes over large rivers. On the Garmin as you zoom in and out you can see the rendered marsh and river edges but when the map is finally rendered by the unit the sea is then rendered over the top just showing plain blue. I am using contours but other than than standard render with a tweeted cycle map .TYP.

 -Xmx1024m -jar /mkgmap-r3072/mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp --family-id=0 *.img /cycle_typ/cyclemap.TYP

Can you post a screenshot here?
Do you have more maps activated?
Which device are you using?

Last but not least, forgot to mention that you have to make sure that in your typ file the sea (0x32 ?) should have the lowest draw order (1) of all polygons.

I have check the .TYD file and there is no sea registered just five polygons:

0x002 grey
0x005 light yellow
0x008 light pink
0x00c light lilac
0x019 light green

Garmin Etrex 20
No other maps all base maps disabled.

If I view the map in Basecamp the sea renders as expected and the bridge shows and tracks.

I have no idea why this happens, what is the exact location of those screenshots?

The default location on the Etrex 20(I haven’t the unit handy at present), top screen grab, as the unit renders/loads the map and the second when the unit has finished rendering/loading.

Well that doesnt give me any clue, because the default location is where you get a GPS fix.
I need the exact location to check if the default maps also render this wrong, maybe there are some features of waterways, bays etc that are covering those ways.

Sorry I misunderstood you…

Barton-upon-Humber DN18 5BE, UK
53.695898, -0.446233

Maybe try in your mkgmap parameters. Download the latest from

Thank you for your help, I have found that it is an issue with the contours layer, after removing the contours it works perfectly. I am going to have to read up more on how to add contours.

Ah ok, I guess the contour layers are made with a sea polygon and they shouldnt contain it (or you can made the sea transparent by adding a separate typ file for your contour layer).

As you can’t see the bridges it’s more than likely that the bridges are not rendered at that level - I presume your bridges as lines?

If , however, you have ‘unusually’ defined bridge as a polygon, your draworder needs to be higher than your sea polygon in your typ file.

Polygons are plotted first, then lines, then pois

Nick, the sea that covers the bridges comes from another map (contour map) with higher draw priority.

That’s interesting - obviously hadn’t read the thread properly :wink:
Thanks for the explanation !

since my first map-creation the boundaries moved several times from one to another server.
Could anyone tell me, if the URL above will have a longer lifetime? If yes, i could include the URL in all my scripts for Mac, Windows and Linux and make my users a little bit more happy.

Yes, thanks to Lambertus the sea and bounds will now be regularly updated (weekly?)
Use this url for the latest sea polygons, bounds you can find here:

Thank a lot for this great new service. I will use the sea-file with my next Version. The bounds now i compile at runtime.