rendering problem ?


My name is Andrei and I wanted to update the map for my city. I added a few streets and when finished I clicked save.

The question I have is : does the openstreetmaps server need aditional time to render tiles specific to all zoom levels? I’m asking this because the edits I did were vizible only in maximum zoom level, all others levels displayed incorectly. Some portions of some roads apperead under some unidentified layers.

If you want to check it out search for Romania, Barlad and view the south/west part of the city. the part I added is the neighborhood with the parallel streets.

Simple answer is yes, tiles at different zoom levels can take longer to render.

Usually for the Standard map on (aka Mapnik), updates should appear on most zoom levels in a few minutes. If you are not seeing your updates, you may be looking at a cached copy of the tiles.
You could try Shift+Refresh or Ctrl+Refresh in your browser, this should clear the cache.