Rendering on a server, serving from other server


Finally it seems I corrected all errors in my style and a strong PC from a friend do the rendering…
Now my question: is it possible to serve the PNGs from another Server that the computer that do the render?

My idea is to push the PNGs on my Webserver and let ihm serving them, without rendering them, since the server does not have too much power.

Is it possible? How to do that?

Thanks a lot

In principle, there’s nothing stopping you from using such a setup.

However, it probably forces you to pre-render and upload all the tiles. This contrasts with common tile server setups where (most) tiles are rendered only when they are requested. For a small map that isn’t updated frequently, that might be ok.

That’s fine, but how do I do that?

I already tried to copy the directory /var/lib/mod_tile/ on the webserver.
There I installed mod_tile, and of course renderd.
If I stop renderd nothing will be displayed, if I start it, it tries to render, even if the whole maps ware already generated…

What do I doing wrong?


No - if you’re not rendering tiles on the other server you don’t need mod_tile or renderd there, you just need a web server. Obviously the caveats that Tordanik mentioned also apply. I’ve worked on a couple of commercial systems with that sort of setup (although not recently).

OK, then the question is: how to render the PNG?
renderd on my “rendering server” generates only .meta files…


I’ve used for that in the past - no idea if there are better options now.