Rendering of demolished historic buildings

Dear all,

is there a way to get demolished historic buildings rendered? I’d like to map a number of former city gates (there is nothing left of these buildings), because it would be interesting to see where they had been existing once. I created single nodes with “demolished:building=yes” and “historic=city_gate”. However, these nodes to not show in Is there a recommended way to get an icon for such buildings, which do not exist anymore but are historically interesting?

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If you want a map with historical data you need to create your own map or look into projects like

OSM maps what is visible on the ground. Tagging the former location of a demolished building as the building itself is wrong. Adding your own tag “demolished:building” has no effect whatsoever as it is not recognized by any renderer or data user. You have tagged buildings where none exist.

Please delete those invalid nodes immediately.

bye, Nop