Rendering of Basins masks Water

I have entered the Police Road Retarding Basin in Rowville, Victoria Australia Â… rs=B000FTF (This area was heavily re-landscaped several years ago, which satelite photo do not yet show)

This basin is made up of several ponds that are linked with streams and flood gates. In general the basin is a broad grassy area with shrubs surrounding the ponds to prevent errosion and land management tracks going around each of the ponds that are mostly frequented by dog walkers. It is essentially a grass park for most of the year.

When I encompass the area tagged as Landuse = basin and basin=infiltration the area is rendered the same colour as water in both Mapnik and OSMARender so that the ponds become invisible (blue on blue).

My understanding is that this is a typical basin, being mostly grass and flooded only periodically. Basins will always be in proximity to water and should render differently so that the distinction can be made. I would like to suggest a colour change for the rendering of basins to parkland green. Who to, or how, do I get my suggestion to the right people who can assess and make this change?



Alterations to the Mapnik rendering are requested via OSM Trac. You’ll need to file a ticket for “Mapnik” and explain the problem with the current handling.