Rendering in Maperitive, offline is not the same as online

I used Maperitive (for Windows) to render a map online.
Then I rendered the same map offline.
This second map has a lower quality.
And the houses are drawn over the streets.
Why is there a difference between rendering online and offline?

Maybe is a better place to ask when you get no sufficient answer here?

And without any example images and your style file we cannot give you any hint at all, IMHO.

This is rendered online:

This is rendered offline:

I didn’t change anything about the style. I use Maperitive just like it was unzipped.

I tried different rules and this was better.

Can I download somewhere the rules that are used for the map on your homepage?

What is “your homepage”???

Please ask the maintainer of Maperitive, or ask in that mentioned googlegroup forum, I recommend.

Maperitive is probably too old. I used it with the latest osm data and it’s worse. Now it draws the terrain over the buildings.

Is there an alternative for Maperitive that works on Windows 10 x64?