Rendering at low zoom levels

I normally go to for rendered maps. They are rendered fast at high zoom levels (>=12) but for low-level zooms they are slowly updated.
In fact, the map in my area has not been updated for more than a month. The low-level tile I request is always at priority 1 and nothing happens.
What can be the cause?
Can it be a bug related to the fact that I’m in North America (negative longitude)?
On the same site, mapnik rendering is more recent but still very old (probably 3 weeks old).

I suppose the server felt some pressure. The mapnik renderer just updated the low-zooms of my area.
But the T@H renders are still very old.

Lowzoom apparently has some problems at the moment. ‘They’ are working on a new version. BTW, the InformationFreeway map is IMHO primarily intended for reviewing your mapping work which will be done on a high zoomlevel so lowzoom is ‘not that important’.

Also, some areas have become so complex that T@H clients on low-end pc no longer are able to render the tiles succesfully. This results in areas who are rarely updated (only when a powerful client happens to render that area by chance).

must be very complicated then because t@h updates very fast where I live 59.3/17.9

There are areas that are known to be difficult to render, like Rotterdam or London. Possibly other areas too. If your area still renders fast then, maybe, you need to do more mapping :smiley:

Need a GPS… :wink: And Sweden is known for having pretty huge vacant areas So I don’t think it will be a problem, it’s a good excuse anyways.

Hmm but now I seem to have the same problem, but the area isn’t very hard to render. So I’m guessing there is a block on rendering low zoom levels (that is large areas)… compare: