Render.xml file

Hello everyone,

I am new here so I hope this is the right section. I tried with the search button but didn’t get what I need.

I am looking for the standard osm website render.xml file, as I would like to import it into Osmand in order to get the exact same mapstyle as the osm web version.

I am kinda new to the osm world, so I am looking for the proper file to download, rather than customising it.

Hope you can help me!

The technology that OsmAnd uses to draw maps is totally different to what is used as a default on

It’s written in CartoCSS.

Short answer - no way.
But - if you are satisfied with online only, there’s online maps plugin built-in in OsmAnd which you can activate.

Having said that, somebody with WAY too much time could write an OsmAnd style replicating the one on - but it could probably take a few months, judging from the complexity - and even then it’d be only an approximation.

Hi RicoElectrico,

Thank you for your quick reply!

I am using Osmand with offline maps of the regions I am traveling, so online is not an option for me.
It would be so nice to have the same map style as I am quite accustomed to the osm style.

Thank you anyway, your comment clarified it.