Render a map with markers at given street addresses-

I am a software engineer but know nothing about maps or GIS, so please be patient.

I have some lists of street addresses in a few U.S. cities, a dozen or two addresses per city.

In order to illustrate a nonfiction book, I would like to render some maps with a marker at each of those street addresses. Because the book chronicles events of several decades ago, an outline of the buildings currently at that address is not really what I need.

Is there a straightforward way to achieve this? I have found which seems nearly like what I need, but I don’t know how I would display street addresses on the resulting map.


To follow up my own question, it looks like lat-lon can be obtained from street addresses using something like:,+MA+02139&format=json&polygon=1&addressdetails=0

From there, I guess I’ll poke around on the umap github page at

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For out-and-out rendering, you may want to consider using QGIS in atlas mode. You choose what kind of base layer(s) you want, pull in the geocoded street addresses & it can churn out a series of PDFs, JPGs, one for each location.

Not all street addresses will be accurately located by Nominatim: it depends on how much address data exists in each location, so on a long street with no addresses it may just give you the midpoint.

Certainly first step is to geocode your addresses; umap is good for a basic visualisation and webusage.

Thanks SK53!

In case it is useful to future readers, I ended up using the free service from Geoapify that will geocode a CSV file, at . Then after simple reformatting of the CSV file, I had something I could upload to (their docs on the necessary CSV format are at ).

I also tried, but it wouldn’t accept a CSV file and the user interface for adding points by hand was buggy: items I deleted kept reappearing. I could have worked around that, but also only very, very few streets were labeled on each map.