Renaming Regions

I am new to OSM, so please be patient with me. I have spent hours searching youtube and google and haven’t found the answer I am looking for.

I live in Swaziland (Southern Africa), and have noticed that the regions are not correctly named. If you look at the region names, they are listed with such names as “sifundza seManzini.” It appears that someone incorrectly copied text without understanding the siSwati language as this translates to “We are learning about Manzini.” The region is known as Manzini. (This problem occurs across all the regions: Manzini, Hhohho, Lubombo, Shiselweni). I have been trying to figure out how to rename these administrative areas, but can’t for the life of me figure it out. I have looked at the ID editor in OSM as well as tried my hand at JOSM, but can’t figure it out.

Any guidance?

It looks as if you worked out how to do this. Well done.

I didn’t realize I had worked it out until I saw your post; the changes hadn’t rendered yet so I didn’t know if it was successful.

I tried a bunch of things, but what ultimately seemed to work for me was the following process:

1.) Open JOSM editor
2.) Download a segment of the map that included the regional borders
3.) Select the border as an object
4.) Under Tags, change the name of the region in question

Don’t know if that is the only or best way, but it worked for me. Thought I would post the process to help anyone else who may find themselves in my position in the future.

I also now realize that this can easily be done with the iD in-browser editor.

1.) Zoom into an area that includes the administrative boundary
2.) Click the boundary line
3.) Under “Relations” find the tag associated with the region you want to rename and click on it
4.) Update the name

And 5) Refresh the browser image (F5 in Windows) to eliminate the old rendering from the cache on your pc.

I made the same mistake, as it is not always clear where a browser gets it’s information: from web or from cache.