Renaming Oregon maps

One of the features of the Oregon etc series is that you can disable maps ; great, I tend to have a separate settlement and contour map with my osm import and disable them when necessary.
Trouble is knowing which map you are disabling as they all have the same descriptions ; I tried various options with mkgmap (–description etc) but that didn’t work;I then discovered that the descriptions are found in the IMG header of each file located at at 0 x 49 ; changing the text at this offset worked but the Oregon now displays ALL the altered descriptions on each map listed in the dis/enable section.

Is there a way of ensuring each map just shows its own description? I wonder how other Oregon etc users know which map to disable other than through trial & error?

According to your family-id you should give a family-name, which will be the name of the hole map that can be set to aktiv/inaktiv.

Each map can consist of several layers with different product_id, mkgmap_desc will set the corresponding name.
All the layers are listed at the family-name and are aktivated together with the hole family.

If you like to aktive a layer separately, you have to give a differen family-name, not only a different product_id.

Walter, thanks for your tip; will give it a try; it’s been troubling me ever since I got my Oregon