Rename Map

Good morning,

I’m using OSM-Maps on my Gamin quite often. When I download a new map the name of the map is always the same. That’s quite irritating when using more than one map on the garmin.
Is it possible to rename maps to an individual name? If yes, how can I do this? A simple rename of the file is not enough.

Thanks a lot and best regards

If you create your own maps using “mkgmap” you can specify the “family name” I think? I’ve tended to just have one map (mine) so haven’t needed to change it.

You can rename the maps on the Garmin quite easily by using the JaVaWa Device Manager tool
It gives options to change many types of names and from memory it might be the ‘mapset name’ that will assist you.

Sorry, my question was vague. I’m talking about maps that I created at These cards always have the same name. And I’d like to change that.

Thanks and greetings

Thanks a lot, I will try it!