Removing parks

I’m cleaning up and correcting things in southern Stockholm, and it seems to have been customary to add park-areas wherever groups of trees can be visible on the satellite-photos. This includes trees evenly spaced along a walkway, a lawn with a couple of trees on someones back yard etc.

Unless anyone object I am removing the areas that I have physically verified are not actual parks.

Perhaps use one of these?

Not really, no. The only alternative that I can see is to place a bunch of individual trees, or in the rare cases where they actually line up along a street I can use one of the proposed tree_lined tags…

This is a piece of sidewalk that was earlier tagged as a park for example (notice the trees)

Ok, It is not a park, but there is one tree (!).
So edit the map.

It seems to me that it is OK to edit the map if you are sure that the changes you are making are real.
In this case you have photographic evidence that it is not a “park”

If you are unsure, then (in JOSM) you can select the area you are unhappy with and look at the history of that way: Who tagged it as “Park” ?

That way you can find out who mapped and tagged it. Once you know their OSM username you can send them a message to ask them why they mapped it as such, and should you change it for the better, or are you mistaken? will give you a way to contact them.

Satellite photos are rubbish (but I acknowledge they help a bit). First-hand mapping (on foot / cycle / whatever) with GPS and a camera is much better than copying from other sources.

I know why, from the lowres satellite photos it looks like a green area. I already removed that one.

What I meant is that I think areas that are not parks and does not look like parks from the ground, but appear as green areas on the satellite images should be removed - even if it may look nice on the map.

I’m all for good-looking maps, but the reality at street-level is more important I think…

Maybe remove all the tags and add FIXME=add trees?